About Us

Here at Joyful Tails, we realize that your pet isn't "just" a pet.  Your pet is often a non-judgmental friend, a true confidant, a therapist, an exercise buddy, and a family member.  Our pets make us laugh, frustrate us, play with us, and give us unconditional love.  We feel like that gives us a pretty big responsibility to them to help them live their best life.
Yes, maybe we're talking about spoiling them a bit, but after all they've done for us, we think they deserve some special treatment.
We work to find fun and innovative products for our pets that we offer to you.  A lot of products help them deal with the stress they feel during the day when we're away.  Others help keep them warm or comfortable.  Others are just fun for the sake of being fun.  
So please enjoy our store, and definitely let us know if you have any questions.  We love to hear from fellow pet families!
Joyful Tails Team