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Kitmac-Cat Window Hammock

Kitmac-Cat Window Hammock

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The only bed your kitty will need


Every cat likes to rest at a high place where everything can be observed! You can satisfy your feline’s need for solace, security and entertainment with Kitmac, the hammock for curious kitties!

Kitmac creates the ideal resting place where your kitty will find the perfect view and a cozy place to rest! You can mount it easily in high places around your room just beside the window!

The frame sets up easily and is strong enough to hold all your sleepy kittens. Kitmac will not only save you some space around but make the perfect place for your cat to hang around!


Why Kitmac is for you

Vacation for two- Want to get closer to your cat, set the hammock close by your bed to spend your lazy days close to one another!

Sunbathe at home-  The weather is never warm enough for a cat, give your feline friend a chance to sunbathe and enjoy the summer as much as you!

Rest in the clouds- Give your cat the perfect place for a relaxing nap away from danger and an entertaining view of the outside world!

Kitmac is the ultimate choice- Forget the expensive cat beds, a nice view and a soft sheet is all your cat needs to stay happy and accommodated!



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