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ManiPaw - Professional LED Pet Nail Clippers

ManiPaw - Professional LED Pet Nail Clippers

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Give Your Loving Pet A Proper Manicure At Home!

Safely trim down your pet’s claws with the ManiPaw! There's no need for fancy pet salons since this tool can get the job done at home, making it a great addition to your pet grooming kit.  Save money and time by doing it yourself!

The ManiPaw is a handy nail clipper that's cleverly equipped with LED lights. This prevents you from cutting beyond the bloodline so you won’t hurt or traumatize your pet.  Trimming nails can be stressful for you and your pet, take the fear away with the ManiPaw!

Key Benefits

Convenient Design - The ManiPaw’s design makes it less susceptible to sputter. It also makes it easy for you to cut in different angles.  Unlike old fashioned scissors, these trimmers are made to be the best at trimming pet's nails.

Anti-Slip Handle - The handle of the ManiPaw provides you with a comfy grip. It comes with a safety buckle to prevent accidental injuries from happening.  A shaking hand or a loose grip can lead to injuries, this anti-slip handle lets you cut in confidence.

Included Lights - The ManiPaw comes with a light to assist you in looking for bloodlines on the nail so you won’t hurt your precious pets. The light is also angled directly to the nail so it will be easy to see.  This is most groomers #1 fear when it comes to cutting nails.  

Rechargeable Battery - This amazing trimmer can be charged via any usb outlet. The battery of the ManiPaw can last for months with a single charge!  Easy to use and long-lasting service.  


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