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OdorOff - Smart Cat Odor Purifier For Cats Litter Box

OdorOff - Smart Cat Odor Purifier For Cats Litter Box

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Blast Away Litter Box Odor With The Handy OdorOff

Prevent the nasty smell of kitty litter from taking over your home with the help of the OdorOff. It automatically absorbs dust and takes away the unpleasant scent that litter boxes release.

The OdorOff is an automatic deodorizer that consistently purifies the area around your pet's litter box. It even lasts for up to 15 days with a single charge!

Key Benefits

24/7 Deodorizer - This functional deodorizer monitors non-stop and removes bad odors as soon as it detects them. The OdorOff can also be used as a deodorizer for different areas in your home.

Rechargeable Battery - No worries about keeping your house smelling good since the OdorOff lasts for days with one charge. You can simply plug the USB cable to any outlet to charge the device.

Safe Build - The OdorOff is made with a tough plastic outer shell with the deodorizer and wiring secured inside so your pet can’t access it. It can be mounted above your cat's litter box for maximum deodorizing.

Compact Size - The OdorOff is a small box that won’t take too much space and can even be hidden from sight. It can be easily mounted on any wall with the double sided tape.


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