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PawProwl - Cat Walking Harness

PawProwl - Cat Walking Harness

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Show your cat the outside world

Ever wanted to take your cat on a walk to the outdoors? PawProwl gives you a safe and comfortable way of exploring the outside world alongside your feline friend!

PawProwl’s soft padded mesh lets your cat feel comfy and calm while wearing it. You can easily adjust it to the right size and rest assured it will stay on no matter how much your pet resits!

If your cat loves watching from the window why not give him or her the freedom to experience the world’s wonders up close? Make the best gift your curious companion could hope for!

Why PawProwl is for you

Explore together- Don’t leave your cat at home all alone, take her with you on your travels to show her what she's missing!

Experience freedom- Let your cat join you on your outdoor walks, enjoy the sunny days, fresh air and beauty of nature together!

Safe from danger- Indulge your cat’s curiosity without exposing him to danger, PawProwl creates a secure hold without restricting any movement!

PawProwl is the ultimate choice- A whole new world is waiting to be explored, give your cat the freedom to experience the outdoor world at his or her full safety! 





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