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PoochComb - Grooming Tool for Shedding Pets

PoochComb - Grooming Tool for Shedding Pets

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The Best Way to Remove Your Pet's Undercoat and Keep them Comfortable and Cool

Can you imagine wearing a heavy coat during the summer and not having hands to take it off? Your dog or cat needs your help! That thick layer of undercoat can be nice some time of the year, but even in the winter it can be bulky and loose, leaving hair knots and discomfort for your pet.

The PoochComb is an incredible new grooming tool that pulls the loose hair and undercoat out without hurting your pet. Despite the aggressive look of the teeth, this comb is extremely gentle, gripping the fur but sliding over your pet's skin.

The result is a much happier pet, way less fur around your house, and savings from grooming bills back in your pocket. This is an investment that could pay off in no time!

Why is the PoochComb so great?

Durable - Unlike cheap grooming combs, the PoochComb is heavy duty and built to last. Great for even the fluffiest and matted dogs or cats, this tool is built to work.

Comfortable - Not just the easy to grip handle, but the process itself. Grooming can be painful for your pet, but the PoochComb pulls out the loose fur, leaves the good fur, and doesn't hurt their skin.

Saves Money - It doesn't take many trips to the groomer for this to pay for itself. Plus, you can do it at home on your own schedule. No more running to appointments and trying to do five things at once.

Good for Your Pet - It your pet could talk, they would probably say "I'm hot!" Help them out by getting rid of that loose fur before it falls off in your house.



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