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PoochFit - Reflective Waterproof Fall and Winter Jacket with Built-in Harness

PoochFit - Reflective Waterproof Fall and Winter Jacket with Built-in Harness

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PoochFit - For Your Best Friend's Comfort During the Fall and Winter

Benefits at a glance:

  • Enjoy outside time more knowing your dog is warm and dry
  • Protect you and your pet on your walks with highly reflective stitching
  • Be easy on your dog's neck by using the durable integrated harness instead of a collar
  • Make sure your dog doesn't overheat with the breathable inner layer
  • Make the dreary winter a little more colorful with these fun styles

    Keep your pet cozy and dry when enjoying long walks outdoors by dressing them in our premium PoochFit. With its full upper body coverage and double layered fleece material, the Poochfit protects your pup's torso and keeps them comfortable, even in bad weather.

    The PoochFit is reinforced with a built-in harness that easily attaches to any standard leash. This gives you full control over your pet without being too overbearing or restrictive of their movements.

    The coat is water resistant, breathable, and easily washed, making it comfortable for your dog and easy for you!  The reflective stripe adds a level of safety to your evening walks.   

    Key Benefits

    Durable support - Most pets tend to tug and pull on their leashes, which is why the PoochFit was carefully made with sturdy and high-quality materials. This way, your pet won't accidentally break away from the coat while you're in the middle of your walk.

    Comforting fit - Regardless of the weather, the PoochFit provides outstanding comfort to your pup. Not only that, but the PoochFit is also water and wind-proof, protecting your pet from the harsh cold.

    Sturdy hardware - To further ensure the durability of the vest, the PoochFit is fitted with rugged D-rings that are very resilient. These D-rings are directly attached to the harness, giving you a sturdy anchor point for the leash.

    Reflective exterior - The PoochFit is enhanced with a highly reflective exterior so that your pet remains visible to you or others during the night. This is especially useful when you walk your dog along sidewalks, highways, or busy parks.


    Please measure your dog's chest size - the chest is usually the limiting factor and this jacket can be adjusted to fit a smaller dog but cannot be adjusted past its maximum size to fit a larger dog.  If you're close to the upper size limit, we recommend moving up a size.  Please do not base your order on the size your normally get for your dog.




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