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PoochPaw - Warm and Waterproof Winter Dog Boots

PoochPaw - Warm and Waterproof Winter Dog Boots

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Protect your pup's feet from the cold, salt, and ice this winter

Winter can be especially harsh on your dog's feet.  Salt and sand can dry them out, ice can cut them, and the snow can generally feel uncomfortable.  Some dog boots are uncomfortable and it's a struggle to keep them on your dog's feet.  The PoochPaw are durable and comfortable and will help make winters more enjoyable for you and your pup.

The PoochPaw has a tough rubber sole that offers good grip on slippery terrain while also keeping the sand and salt from hurting your dog's feet.  The body of the boot is made of a breathable, yet waterproof material that will help keep your dog's feet dry and comfortable.

When paired with a good winter coat, like our PoochFit, your dog will be well equipped to get the most out of winter, which means you can enjoy it more with them!  Don't let winter be a time of just getting through, get the right equiment and get out there!



Durable sole - Provides traction and protection.  Less slipping around and no dried out and cracked feet.

Breathable - Good airflow will help your dog's feet stay comfortable and further reduce foot damage.

Waterproof - No one likes walking around with cold wet feet!  The PoochPaw helps keep your pup's feet warm and dry.

Double straps - The double strap system helps keep the boot secure on your dog's feet.  A boot is no good if it doesn't stay on your dog's feet!

Cleaner house - The downside of winter walks, mud and snow tracked into the house.  With the PoochPaw, after the walk, you can take the boots off and your pet is ready to run through the house!



Each package comes with 4 boots.

When measuring, measure the widest part of your dog's foot.  If you are in between sizes, take the larger one.  A great way to measure your pup's foot is to get them to stand on a piece of paper and trace their foot (as good as they'll let you!) and then measure the tracing.  



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