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PoochProtector - Protect Your Dog and Your Vehicle

PoochProtector - Protect Your Dog and Your Vehicle

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The PoochProtector Creates a Safer Driving Experience While Protecting Your Vehicle


Lots of dog owners know that driving with your dog can be challenging, and sometimes dangerous.  If your dog likes to move around, they can distract the driver or potentially be injured in hard braking or in an accident.  Additionally, a wet or muddy dog can damage your vehicle's interior and cause a mess.

The PoochProtector makes your drive more safe by covering the back seats and making a waterproof pen for your dog that keeps them contained.  The walls keep them from jumping into the front seat while also allowing for airflow and a great view!

The PoochProtector also protects your vehicle's interior by creating a waterproof lining between your wet and muddy dog and your seats.

With winter coming on, now is the time to grab yourself a PoochProtector!


Driver Focus: A dog loose in the cabin can be a distraction for the driver.  The PoochProtector keeps them contained in the back seat while also allowing them full view through the windows and between the front seat.  You can still see your pup's smile through the mesh!

Protect Your Vehicle's Interior:  Fall and winter can mean that your dog is going to come back from trips to the park covered in mud, slush and snow.  While it was fun at the time, having that mess end up in your car isn't fun.  The PoochProtector contains the mess and its waterproof layer makes sure that the mess doesn't make it to your seats!

Easy to Clean: It's hard to remove a dirty car seat and throw it in the wash, but it's easy to remove the PoochProtector and clean it.  It's machine washable or it can be scrubbed and hosed off by hand.   

Easy to Install and Fits Most Vehicles:  The PoochProtector can be installed quickly by one person.  It fits around the seat belts and secures to various fastening points within your car.  It's ample size means it can fit most vehicles and can be transferred from vehicle to vehicle if desired.


Size (approx): 64" x 60" / 162 x 153cm 

Package includes:

  • 1 x PoochProtector
  • 1 x Lanyard to secure your pet


  • Keep your car interior fresh and clean, free of dog hair, dirt and scratches.
  • Mesh viewing window provides ample air flow and direct visual access.
  • Waterproof finish provides total protection for your interior.
  • Easy to clean - Washing machine safe.
  • Double layer padding for your pets comfort.
  • Seat anchors and seat belt openings create easy access, allowing for harnesses to clip straight in.
  • Fit for a dog of any size or multiple smaller pets.
  • Designed to fit all cars and SUV’s.
  • Simple and easy install that's highly adjustable to your car's requirements.


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