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Tug N' Chew - Pet Rope Ball Outdoor Training Toy

Tug N' Chew - Pet Rope Ball Outdoor Training Toy

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Tug N'Chew-Training Made For a Happier and Healthier Pup

Keep your furry friend active and entertained all day with the help of our premium Tug N' Chew! With its chew toy and tug rope combo, the Tug N' Chew provides your pet with endless fun wherever it's set up.

Not only is it fun to play with, but the Tug N' Chew also helps keep your pet's chompers sharp and healthy the more that they play. It even comes with a versatile anchor that lets you mount the Tug N' Chew almost anywhere with ease.

Why Tug N' Chew is for you

Durable construction - Made for aggressive chewers, the Tug N' Chew remains firm and intact so that your pet can play with it for years.

Versatile play - Whether you mount it to the ground or wrap it around a tree, the Tug N' Chew will still provide the same amount of fun and excitement to your pet.

Portable size - Its compact size makes the Tug N' Chew easy to take anywhere so that you can keep your pet well-entertained the whole day.

For every dog - Regardless of your dog's size or breed, the Tug N' Chew is the perfect toy for every type of dog.


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